My favorite cupcake place in New York is Tonnie’s Mini Cupcakes. Hands down the best red velvet cupcake. It irks me that magnolia bakery gets all the limelight in the world of cupcakes. Their cupcakes is not even that great. Too sweet if you ask me.

But all is not lost with their average cupcake and terrible service(one of the employees slammed the door in my face to show me they were closing! I felt like Oprah at Hermes! Except that Im not some famous food blogger or critic, BUT I WILL ONE DAY BE AND I WILL CONDEMN MAGNOLIA BECAUSE OF THIS INCIDENT!). Magnolia bakery happen to have the best banana pudding i ever had in my life, and the many i have brought to try it have agreed with me. Screw those cupcakes. Dig into their banana pudding.

But today is not about magnolia. Neither is it about Tonnie’s. Tonnie’s closed their store in Greenwich Village and have decided to move to Harlem. Apparently they decided that NYU is a terrible market to sell cupcakes and that Columbia would bring them more revenue. I cannot begin to explain how upset I am. Tonnie’s was the place i go to to get my cupcake fix. WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO NOW?! I was in such a state of denial when i saw the word CLOSED on yelp that i even called them to make sure. And its true. They have moved to Harlem. Sigh…

So just when i thought i would never eat another decent cupcake in the village area, along came Butterlane. Oh Butterlane. I thought i have been there before, but apparently the one ive been to is called Buttercup. WHY THE HELL DO THEY MAKE ALL THE CUPCAKE PLACES SOUND THE SAME?! Anyway Butterlane is located deep in east village. Quite a walk from my usual hangout places. But my friends from abroad were in town so i had to bring them somewhere with some decent cupcakes and not those dry super sweet and boring tasting Crumbs. I remembered Thuy, my trusted foodie friend, talked about how she loved Butterlane, so i decided to give it a try.

Butterlane is interesting in that it allows you to mix and match your cupcakes. You choose the cake you want: Vanilla, Chocolate and banana and add your choice of the million flavors of frosting they have. I exaggerate but they had so many flavors on their chalk board, my head was spinning. I wont be able to give a review of all the flavors and combinations since that will be like about 60 combinations of cupcakes = a gazillion calories (I seriously need to head to the gym) But of the few i tried so far, i HIGHLY RECOMMEND

1) Peanut Butter Frosting on Banana Cake. WHAT?! PEANUT BUTTER FROSTING?! I know! That’s what i thought when i first saw it. Can it be true?! And putting that on a banana cake?! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?! I mean who doesn’t like a banana covered with peanut butter?! (I have one as a snack every day…) And what do you know, it was AWESOME! The peanut butter is not too overpowering. Just the right intensity. And the flavors came as well together as it would with a banana and peanut butter. Just thinking about it now makes me want to stuff another one in my mouth right now… Yummmm

2) Blueberry frosting on vanilla cake. A recommendation from the sweet girl at the counter. I love to ask for recommendations. Whenever i try somewhere new, i always ask the waiter/server what is their favorite thing is that place. For her, it was the blueberry frosting. Again. BLUEBERRY FROSTING?! SERIOUSLY?! Could not believe it myself. To top it off, they added some fresh berries. And yes it was good… I love how the juices of the fresh berries ooze out to blend with the purple creamy sweet blueberry-hinted frosting to form a yummy topping as a whole on top of the vanilla cake. Oh sooo good.

Go ahead and try the other frostings. I thought the honey cinnamon one was good too. The chocolate not too bad. Raspberry was alright but not as great as the blueberry. Thats about all I tried. Final verdict? Butterlane has some pretty awesome frosting. One of the guys who makes the frosting let me try his famous french maple frosting and omg it was sooo good. So good i swear i could eat it with anything. However, when it comes to the cake, its nothing spectacular and sub par at times. The banana cake is nice but seems to weird a consistency to be called a cupcake. And they are dry sometimes too.

Perhaps I have been spoilt by Tonnie’s yummy cakes in their cupcakes. Always moist. Always flavorful. Always yummy. Especially their red velvet. I honestly think they have perfected the art of making red velvet cake. I cannot imagine it being made any other way. Yes their frosting is not the best and definitely loses out to butterlane, but as a whole, i prefer Tonnie’s still as the cupcake comes together much better in the mouth. However, until i can find the time to head to harlem, I guess butterlane will have to satisfy my cupcake cravings for now.

Did i mention that butterlane charges 3 bucks for their puny cupcakes?! Way overpriced…. But oh well. A price to pay for a decent cupcake.

Butter Lane
123 E 7th St
(between 1st Ave & Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009
(212) 677-2880

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