Did not realize I haven’t blogged for a while. Guess I have been too busy doing other stuff like watching top chef and the next foodnetwork star. And since I am on the bus to Boston right now, I figured i will do some blogging.

Actually before I start, let’s talk about the next food network star. If anyone is watching this season, you should know what I am talking about. SERIOUSLY?! HOW DID THESE PEOPLE GET IN?! None of them are good! All of them freeze in front of camera, don’t even have their unique point of view. They are all not ready to have their own show. And even if they do, they are going to flop like melissa from the previous season. I mean I hate Guy Fieri but at least he is entertaining to some and looks like a watermelon. I guess they all can “somewhat” cook. But this isn’t really about cooking. It’s about being able to present yourself and your food well in front of the camera. We all know how bad Sandra Lee’s cooking probably is, but we can’t really tell because all we can do is SEE and not taste when watching the food network.

All I can say is that the foodnetwork should learn from Bravo and put better reality TV shows and contestant on like top chef and top chef master. And talking about Top Chef Master, guess who is interviewing at Marcus Samuelsson group on monday!!! So if i do get in there and somehow become friends with Marcus Samuelsson (let’s just use our imagination), there will only be two degrees of separation between me and people like Rick Monnen, Susur Lee and Jonathan Waxman. Whoot! And maybe even Anthony Bourdain!

Alright enough of my stupid talking. Time for serious business. Today I am going to talk about the best steak you will ever get in your life. Period. For a steak to be done right, it should be eaten medium rare. I prefer my steaks medium because the people in the kitchen always screws up the order and cook it for too short a time, hoping that the resting time would cook my steak to medium rare but it reaches me rare. So to prevent that, I order medium. But at places where steaks is their life and business, I order medium rare. I got to thank Anthony Bourdain and Les Halles for teaching me this lesson.

Also I want to thank Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential for telling me that steaks that are cooked well done are disgusting and are usually the worst cuts because when its cooked well done, no one can really tell whether the meat is suppose to be tender or what not. In fact, they sometimes over do it because it doesn’t even matter. Basically chefs have a love hate relationship with people who order well done steaks. Hate because it insults their ability to cook and for ruining a perfectly good steak. Love because they dont have to put much effort into preparing it and can usually give the cheapest and worst cuts and get the most profit.

So when you go to a place like Peter Luger, well known for its steak throughout the country, you should be order medium rare. Because these people know what they are doing. And they know what’s best for you. And medium rare is best.

So after two years in New York City and hearing rave reviews about Peter Luger, I finally went there with my friend Shaun from Singapore. When I asked him what he wanted to eat in New York City during his short vacation here, his immediately reply was steak. My immediate reply to that was Peter Luger.

So on one hot monday afternoon, we took the subway to Brooklyn to try the famous steak for two at peter luger. It came SIZZLING, with juices all over. It looked GLORIOUS. I couldn’t wait to dig into it. I went for a piece that has been nicely cut for us. I put it into my mouth and just start groaning. Oh My God. Can a steak taste so good? Everything about it was perfect.

Medium Rare: Perfect

First, the charred layer. Omg. It was full of flavor and tasted like it just got off the grill. It was smoky and burnt yet not cancer tasting. The best part about the char is that although it looks way burnt, the inside in still nice, tender and pink.

Now the pink layer. Wow. I felt like I was eating a fresh cow with its full glory. Except it tasted better than how I imagined it would be like. For some weird reason, i keep picturing myself eating a live cow like Im like hyena or something. It’s not like Kobe where it melts in your mouth. There is still some sort of chewy texture. Not chewy but solid. And you feel like you are eating a good piece of meat.

80 bucks for a steak for two. Totally worth it. I was beyond full after the meal but I couldnt stop thinking about it. If i could have that everyday, life would be perfect. Like how if i could have an in-n-out burger every night before i sleep. Lol. I would be a watermelon like guy fieri if i did that.

We had a side of cream spinach too. The steak comes alone so if you want any sides, its an extra. The cream spinach was fantastic. Not too creamy and full of goody spinachy yumminess. I hate the too creamy ones which is why Im always wearing of ordering cream spinach but this was perfectly seasoned and tasted absolutely delicious.

A friend of mine, Daphne, asked me whether this is the mother of all steaks. I actually believe this to be the Godfather of all steaks. The crispy and flavorful charred layer blending with the meaty fresh perfectly done medium rare layer is a combination of flavors that makes beef, beef and not chicken.

So if any of you never had beef before like my brown friend Nameeta, and someday wish to try beef like how Padma Lashmire quit her vegetarian ways, try Peter Luger. If you don’t convert and become a carnivore for the next 2 weeks, I don’t think any other steak can do the trick. Definitely not a Carls Jr’s burger. I am so making a reservation at Peter Luger for a post final meal.

I see stars for this place! A perfect 5 stars! With a steak this good, it deserves nothing less.

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Peter Luger
178 Broadway
(718) 387-7400

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